La Mancha Unlocked

Nothing takes the past away...
Creative Commons License photo credit: danorbit.

Imagine Don Quixote as an AR game aficionado.

With tinges of the great moral panic stories around RPGs in the 80s, the story follows a guy who gets into a game—too far into a game. Gives up his crappy job and shitty apartment to travel the world as a cyber knight errant, following quests driven by a slightly malfunctional mission generator on a old-model smartphone.

The tale is recorded and told through log files, check-ins, third person reports on the ground, and other bits and pieces as the narrator tries to reconstruct after-the-fact the strange life of this strange man.

Much as in the plot of the original, our new Don Quixote develops a following online. Fansites track his movements and other people and players intervene in the story. A particularly aggressive group hacks into the game itself and messes with the missions generator, testing Nu Quixote’s faith and resolve.