Tim Maly

Quiet Babylon is run by Tim Maly.

I live in Canada, mostly in Toronto. I make projects, write, and talk about our weird future. I’m on Twitter @doingitwrong and you can email me at [email protected].

Making Projects

With the Dredge Research Collaborative I’m documenting monumental acts of unacknowledged landscape architecture. Emily Horne and I run an independent design studio called Border Town. I’m the project coordinator for Upper Toronto, a utopian performance about cities. In September 2010, I curated 50 Posts About Cyborgs.


I run two collections at Medium.com. One is called Thoughtful Design and it is about the small details of design. The other is called Weird Future and it is stranger. My favourite post from Thoughful Design is about the sound design of cars. My favourite post from Weird Future is a gonzo paranoid fantasy about the NSA.

I also freelance. Outside of Medium, I’m interested in surveillance, infrastructural landscapes, cyborgs, spimes, networked cities, haunted smart-homes, and drones.

Previously, I was a founding staff writer at Wired Design. Our approach was that we were on the cups of a new industrial revolution, built on rapid fabrication and mass customization. My favourite posts were about the processes and logistics chains behind it. I pioneered our coverage of materials. I’m particularly proud of this article about the techniques behind MapBox’s Cloudless Atlas.


We ran a DredgeFest symposium and boat tour at Studio-X in New York. I defended impractical alternatives at Harvard’s MetaLab. CBC’s Spark interviewed me about hypnotizing computers. I argued that collaboration could be an artistic medium at Homework. I once gave a high speed talk about cyborgs at Ignite Toronto.