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emily horne of A Softer World

Remember the Millennium? Y2K? I’ve been reading over some of the writing that was coming out leading up to that apocalyptic date, the glorious predictions and stern warnings. The dot-coms were booming but no one was sure that planes wouldn’t fall out of the sky come January 1st. There was a whole cottage industry around making sure that your payroll system was going to survive the roll-over.

Of course, everything did survive. The planes didn’t fall out of the sky until nearly 2 years later. And if the actions of terrorists weren’t enough to bring down the world financial system, there is a special irony in the fact that we did a fine job of doing it ourselves by giving out too many homeowner-loans.

Things already felt epochal back then and boy we hadn’t seen nothing yet. This feels like an important era. Our economy is in free fall, our environment probably is too. The nation state isn’t looking so hot and our culture is coming to the shuddering realization that it probably wasn’t meant to be an industry in the first place.

“The future is here, it just hasn’t been distributed yet.”

Quiet Babylon is about sifting through the debris of the past and present to try to answer “What comes next?”

It wasn’t always. It used to be my blog where I wrote about video games and how they are made.

A heart and a pawn