The Best Networked Plans

Can I get…

Can I get everyone’s attention for a sec?

First off, please let me say: Thank you so much. Thank you for coming and thank you for your courage. That you are here at all after the events of the past two weeks speaks volumes about your character and integrity. Together, we are saying, “No.” Together, we are saying, “We will NOT be intimidated.” It is through your willingness to stand up that we are going change the world.

Creative Commons License photo credit: redmondbarry

Let me extend a special welcome to the undercover cops and agents provocateurs who have joined us. On behalf of all of us, fuck you, you agents of repression and hate. We will not be cowed by you, we will not give in to you, and we will not stoop to your level. This is a peaceful protest and no one is buying your lies and your manufactured violence.

To the rest of you, let me borrow a phrase from the other side and say: If you see something, say something. Do not let them throw rocks, bottles, smash windows, or whatever. Do not let them give their colleagues an excuse to run us down. If you are here for direct action, today is not the day. There are children here today. Save it for another march.

If anyone is carrying anything that looks even slightly like a weapon, put it down now. I’m serious. Studded belts count. Take that stuff off, it’s like painting a target on your back.

Oakland Riot Police Hold Baton, Oakland Riots, 2010
Creative Commons License photo credit: Thomas Hawk

The route of the march has been posted at the URL you see on the board behind me. Take a moment now to grab it. Bear in mind that it’s extremely likely to change, as we get reports from the ground on police movement. Every affinity group should have at least one member monitoring the Oracle feeds. Oracle will be broadcasting on all of the services listed here, and a few more that are a little more secret for security purposes. Ask around for those other accounts, and if you know them, only tell people you trust.

These other addresses are for submitting reports. If you’ve got a panic box, don’t worry about any of this, they handle cycling encryption and whatnot on their own. Just concentrate on submitting incident data. Speaking of which, Nancy’s got three panic boxes left if anyone wants to take them.

Who here is carrying recording gear?

Creative Commons License photo credit: sparktography

Great, great. It’s important that you know they have been targeting reporters which means today that’s all of you. You are very likely to be arrested. If you aren’t up for that, get rid of your camera right now.

Those of you keeping your gear, take a good look at these twelve people over here on my left. Can you guys give a wave? Great.

These are your data buddies. Make sure you get the network IDs and passwords from at least two of them, set up your camera to transmit, and try to stay close. They’ll be around but back from the front lines. When your camera is confiscated, you’ll be glad we have backups. They’ll make sure the files get out.

If you have a compatible devices, there’s an app you can pull down from this last URL that will auto configure your camera to broadcast on as many frequencies as we can manage. If you brought gear to be a data buddy, come talk to Nancy after we’re done and we’ll set you up.

They’ll almost certainly be using tear gas and sound canons today, so if you’ve got ’em make sure you have your nose and ear filters in. Don’t wait until last minute, they’re hitting without warning. Put them in now. Yes, they are uncomfortable, but the aftereffects of a sound blast are worse.

escaping the tear gas assault
Creative Commons License photo credit: looking4poetry

There are rumours that they’ve brought in a webbing van. The medics will be carrying solvent so if you get hit DON’T PANIC. Stay as still as you can, the more you struggle the tighter it gets. If you are expecting to be right up front, and if you have a solvent capsule, don’t carry it in your hands! They’ll shoot you and say they thought you had a grenade. Keep it secure and use it to get other people out. Make a plan with your affinity group.

Right, what else? They’re flying drones so keep your hoodies up. If you’ve got dazzle lights, don’t use ’em unless things go really wrong. If you bust those out early, they’ll just target you for arrest. Save it for if you find yourself fleeing police brutality.

Kid Handcuffed in the Back of a Police Car, Oakland Riots
Creative Commons License photo credit: Thomas Hawk

Remember kids, history is on our side. Be righteous, be safe.

If you have any questions, come talk to any of the data buddies or go by the first aid station and we can talk to you about whatever.

Alright, let’s see if we can get a chant going.

Whose streets?

Transcript of remarks delivered by Alin Matrick, alleged ringleader of the Dragonfly Riots which shut the city down for 3 days and claimed 216 lives.